Mar 07 2017
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Q2 Dates and Holidays that Ecommerce Managers and Retailers Should Know

Q1 is coming to an end, and with it only a few holiday opportunities that drive an increase in revenue or promotions. Fortunately this also means that the holiday hangover period is officially over, and grocery stores are beginning to be filled with chocolate eggs and all things pastel for Easter. Then, in May and June, we get to the battle of the parents for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, with a mix of grilling for Memorial Day weekend.

Regardless of the holiday focus, many brands take advantage of them by building themed campaigns. While our team does not recommend the overuse of sales based promotions, consumers expected some sort of deal or sale to occur during these windows of time.

The following dates, holidays, and events are worth noting, if not incorporating, into your promotional plans. Want a long-tail view? Download our new promotion planner template to plot out your promotions for the rest of 2017, and use the chart to compare your plans to this year’s efforts.

Dates and Holidays To Know In April

Easter – April 16

Wait, you mean there are religious connotations tied to Easter? Here we just thought things got a bit overdone with pastel colors and the amazing chocolate eggs. Easter is certainly not as big as Christmas, but that doesn’t mean retailers and ecommerce brands don’t ramp up for the holiday more than a month in advance.

Earth Day – April 22

Though small, Earth Day is a great opportunity for ecommerce brands, especially those that are fully based online. From their reduced overhead and lower carbon footprint, Earth Day is an easy win to build on the Spring theme.

Also – April Fools (4/1), Good Friday (4/14)

Fun and or interesting holidays: Peanut Butter and Jelly Day (4/2), Walk to Work day (4/7), and Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day (4/12).

Dates and Holidays To Know In May

Mother’s Day – May 14

The battle of the parents begins! Mother’s Day, more than just a holiday for sending mom flowers, often results in retail and ecommerce promotions across the board.

Memorial Day – May 29

No, Memorial Day isn’t just about grilling or enjoying a long weekend; however, that is a common way that American’s celebrate those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Alongside the extended weekend often come sales for cars, furniture, and more retail department stores.

Fun and or interesting holidays: Star Wars Day (5/4), No Pants Day (5/5), Free Comic Book Day (5/6), Chicken Dance Day (5/14), Bike to work day (5/19), and Towel Day (5/25).

Dates and Holidays To Know In June

Father’s Day – June 28

Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is another easy win to market to a specific segment of your personas. Back in the day it used to be handmade macaroni, now it’s more getting dad the latest in emerging tech. Either way, skip the tie this year.

See also: Children’s Day – China (6/1), Flag Day (6/14), and First Day of Summer (6/21).

Fun and or interesting holidays: Doughnut Day (6/2), Bourbon Day (6/14), Selfie Day (6/21), Social Media Day (6/30).

Planning For The Year Ahead

Throughout the year, there are countless opportunities to create promotions; however, brands and retailers need to be strategic. Having too many promotions within a calendar month can create negative buying habits, encouraging consumers to only make purchases during sales.

By looking at least three months out, retailers can identify when a promotion should fall, whether it makes sense for the business, and if it will have a positive impact on their KPIs. Download our free promotional planner to get strategic with your promotions.

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I didn’t even know Earth Day Existed! Thanks for publishing your list


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