Crane & Co

Crane Stationery, a 216-year-old stationery manufacturer, provides luxury-quality paper products under the Crane, William Arthur, Truly Weddings, and Vera Wang Papers brands. In addition to reselling its products through an independent retailer channel and direct to consumer through its ecommerce site, Crane also manufacturers products for certain third parties.

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As revenue in their category shifts away from traditional retail, has become an increasingly important part of their future. They needed a partner with experience building sites for heritage brands, so that promotes our three brands, Crane, William Arthur and Vera Wang. They needed a platform for creating unique environments for each brand while allowing for ease of shopping across brands and a partner with experience delivering such complex solutions. The user experience needed to account for different buying experiences for weddings, gifts, and retailers. Despite being over 100 years old, the company is forward thinking, and wanted a design that reflected their traditional and established name, but brought the company into the 21st century.


Blue Acorn integrated the new Magento site with JD Edwards to bring the heritage brand into the 21st century. The implementation provides a solution for B2B and B2C. Blue Acorn integrated a product personalization engine to display the order status of personalized products. Using Magento’s merchandising options, Crane now has the ability to show relevant content to different customer groups. Blue Acorn built CMS pages for each brand under Crane Stationary, which drive brand awareness and purchase intent. The site also offers simplified (re)ordering of boxed stationery and access to reseller support downloads. The B2B portal provides a way for retailers to check order status and supports proofing efforts through an integration with ProofHQ, an online PDF-annotation system.


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