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Jack Black

Almost 19 years ago, Jack Black started their journey to address the need for luxurious, superior skincare for the modern man. From the beginning, they’ve paid close attention to what their customers say about their products and used that information to enhance product formulas. Blue Acorn redesigned the brand’s ecommerce site to align with the evolving needs of their modern shoppers.

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Almost every day, more beauty brands enter a market that’s already saturated with legacy brands, large retailers, and Amazon. Jack Black needed to provide consumers a compelling experience that would draw in their target audience and motivate them to return to their site over competitors. Their previous site offered little content, clunky functionality, and was mostly used as a promotions engine. When envisioning a redesigned site for their shoppers, Jack Black knew they needed immersive content, personalization, and a way to emulate the in-store experience online. To meet their modern male shoppers’ expectations and compete with the influx of beauty brands and retailers, Jack Plack partnered with Blue Acorn.


Before building content, Blue Acorn's optimization team met with the Jack Black team for a UX Workshop, where they developed three primary personas: Jeff is busy and needs to quickly find products online, Ryan typically uses the navigation to find the right products that fit his wallet, and Scott is new to the Jack Black brand and needs a lot of informational content. Based on three personas, the design team created an immersive, personalized, and streamlined experience. For Jeff, the team added an Add to Cart button to all products on the PLP. For Ryan, the team streamlined the navigation and added more categories to the homepage. For Scott, the team placed user-generated content throughout the site and added how-to tutorials to the homepage.


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  • Google Analytics as their analytics research platform
  • Sketch as the digital design toolkit