industry - apparel
Kayser Roth

Founded over 100 years ago, Kayser-Roth is one of the largest legwear companies in the U.S. With a rich history steeped in style and known for ideas and innovation, Kayser-Roth possesses product expertise and is a leader in men’s, women’s and kid’s socks; and women’s tights, leggings, sheer hosiery and sleepwear.

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Kayser-Roth is a fashion company with an innovative spirit, but their “can do” team was frustrated by a “no can do” ecommerce platform and partner. With only a few months to go before their platform license expired, the company came to a Blue Acorn–a partner that can execute and introduce ideas–and Magento, a platform known for its flexibility and scalability. Blue Acorn was asked to replatform two of their branded sites to Magento 2 and integrate both with SAP ECC in only three months. To do that, Blue Acorn needed to apply a data-driven approach to deliver two customer-centric solutions so that Kayser Roth’s online customers buy more and buy more often. Kayser Roth also wanted a secure, flexible payment processor that they could use for multiple branded sites, which meant it needed to be affordably implemented with ease on any future sites. As an open-source, flexible business tool, the new platform would adapt and scale to Kayser Roth’s changing needs.


Because Magento is open-source, Blue Acorn was able to easily complete custom development within the short timeframe, including the design and theming of a “shop-by-color” feature block on the homepage. The Blue Acorn front-end team was also able to develop and theme two CMS pages quickly. One page pushes social engagement, presents customer testimonials, and promotes products as used by actual customers. Another educates customers on the brand’s focus on color, as well as their mission, and community involvement. To solve the payment processor issue within the tight timeline, Blue Acorn installed, designed and themed Braintree Payment Gateway. The digital channel is now situated to mature into a foundation for bigger and better things. The old platform limitations are a distant memory, and the company can now focus on serving their customers with truly exceptional products and experiences. In 2018, Kayser-Roth is exploring two additional sites, including a B2B portal for their significant online business.