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Le Creuset

Since 1925, modern cuisine has continued to evolve and expand and so has Le Creuset. Blue Acorn helped Le Creuset lead the charge on internationalization. After engineering and designing Le Creuset’s North American site on Magento, Blue Acorn implemented the design across 17 countries from Asia to Europe to South America.

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In addition to international expansion, Le Creuset came to Blue Acorn with a number of challenges regarding their user experience. They needed a strategy to balance branding and selling. They also worried about the role of content and how to best leverage it on an ecommerce site. While they had invested heavily in recipes, videos, and customer spotlights, they worried that featuring a constant stream of new content would compromise a beautiful design. They were concerned about the difficulty of managing the site and regularly adding dynamic content. That's when they came to Blue Acorn.


Blue Acorn made it easy for content managers to create, manage, and promote recipes that show off each product’s versatility using a product page template and the ecommerce platform’s related cross-sells and upsells capabilities. By working with the platform instead of against it, Blue Acorn built a feature that provided a high return on investment. A flexible grid system allows content managers to update the site with ease. Rules keep the design consistent but allow content managers to exercise creativity. In addition to increasing online revenue by over 67%, the site won Best Web Design from Magento.


There’s no reason to hire us to reinvent the wheel. Our partners make it possible for you to access features and functionality that would otherwise cost you more than a private jet.

  • Magento Enterprise as their eCommerce platform
  • AddShoppers for social sharing and onsite marketing
  • Avalara for tax automation
  • Listrak as their ESP
  • PowerReviews for customers to provide feedback
  • Swiftype for site search
award - Muse Gold Winner

Le Creuset

Le Creuset was the 2016 recipient of the Best Web Design award at Magento Imagine. The awards honor the platform's top sites and the partners responsible for them each year.