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Olympus America is a leading provider of digital imaging and audio technology solutions noted for its precision optics and groundbreaking technologies. For more than 90 years, Olympus has innovated and developed best-in-class products that expand the boundaries of product design and functionality, empowering consumers and professionals alike to capture their stories.

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When Olympus came to Blue Acorn, they had one site for content, one site for commerce and different departments managing each. They dreamt of a site that combined content and commerce, one that engaged customers with media that matched the quality of their brand. They also knew the untapped potential hiding in their accessory department, the damage poor page load times were doing to their conversion rate, and a user experience that fell short of customer expectations and the bar the Olympus brand sets for itself.


In 2013, Olympus hired Blue Acorn to do a performance audit. The insights we discovered enabled our team to reduce load times by over 80%. When the Olympus team expressed a desire to rebuild a responsive site on the latest version of Magento, they engaged the team they trusted to design and develop it. Blue Acorn collaborated with Olympus’s internal team to successfully blend content and commerce together into a seamless experience. The new bundled product experience helped Olympus exceed their potential for accessory sales, turning camera accessories into one of their biggest revenue drivers.


There’s no reason to hire us to reinvent the wheel. Our partners make it possible for you to access features and functionality that would otherwise cost you more than a private jet.

  • Magento Enterprise Edition as their eCommerce platform