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RMS Beauty

Founded in 2009, RMS Beauty is a line of natural beauty products made with organic ingredients created by Rose-Marie Swift, a makeup artist whose work has been featured in Vogue, W, and Harper’s Bazaar. The brand is based on living and organic principles and creates products that hydrate, soften, and illuminate skin.



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The RMS Beauty team purchased Optimizely but hadn’t used it in over a year. They had looked to invest resources in the tool but the plans never went through. They decided to engage Blue Acorn to kickstart a conversion testing program to incrementally improve the UX and make navigation more “shoppable.” Blue Acorn created a roadmap with a focus on optimizing mobile content, enhancing experiences, and helping users to make a confident purchase. The optimization team started by applying best practices and basic usability standards to the RMS site and identifying key value props. Next, they identified and solved deeper user issues in order to decrease friction within the shopping process and increase retention.


When consumers on a mobile device can more readily search, that yields more relevant inventory in a shorter time period. Blue Acorn tested a variation that increased the visibility of search, which improved interactions with the field and increased search engagement and completion. That one test resulted in a 28.57% lift in revenue per visitor and improved conversions. In addition to lack of search visibility, RMS Beauty also suffered from an overbearing header that took up a third of the screen on mobile devices. Blue Acorn redesigned the header to show more valuable content while increasing clarity on the banner, account, search, and cart. As a result, RMS Beauty experienced a 9.7% increase in conversion rate.


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  • Optimizely for the conversion testing platform