industry - sporting goods & apparel

Founded by ski instructors in Colorado in 1994, Smartwool makes performance apparel for hiking and outdoor activities. The name comes from the treated merino wool used to make their products itch-free, resistant to shrinking, moisture-wicking, odor-reducing, and anti-microbial.

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SmartWool’s site had already been designed and built on Magento Enterprise Edition when they came to us, but they wanted to establish a relationship with an agency that could handle all of their in-depth Magento development needs on an ongoing basis. Blue Acorn’s focus on eCommerce, Magento expertise, and preference for long-term relationships with our clients made us a natural fit. After seeing our Magento expertise in action, they wanted our design and conversion optimization services as well.


To improve management of returns and split shipments, we modified their EDI, which also enabled SmartWool to find the optimal location for all of their orders. Second, we eased the process of complying with PCI requirements by implementing Magento’s Secure Payment Bridge. Then came the redesign of their site. It was already beautiful, but we knew it could improve the customer experience. Following the redesign, we tested our hypotheses and drove revenue over 17%.


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