Apr 07 2016

Going to Magento Imagine 2016?

Conference season has arrived! The Blue Acorn team attends more than eight industry shows throughout the year, and my personal favorite happens next week. Next Monday, we head to Las Vegas for Magento Imagine, a conference that never disappoints.

Between developer training courses, partner connections, and buzzworthy product releases, you will struggle to find a dull moment. I’ll never forget my first Imagine in 2014 when a developer showed his true dedication to the Magento Community by getting a permanent tattoo of Magento’s logo. I’m not sure what time of day he made that decision or whether he was happy with his choice the next morning. Unfortunately for him, what happened in Vegas did not exactly stay there, as he was called out in the closing keynote for his dedication!

Magento has packed this year’s agenda with great sessions and speakers. I always like to plan my personal agenda ahead of time so that the excess oxygen they pump into The Wynn doesn’t go to my head and cause me to lose track of time (or get roped into the slot machines #guilty).

Below you’ll find the top things I’m looking forward to this year. Whether you have made the trip out to Vegas every year since Imagine started or this makes your first foray, I hope you find this list helpful as you plan your time in the city of lights.


Everyone knows the night before any big holiday or event brings its own exciting events and activities, especially in the evening. The same goes for Imagine. For 5 years now the #PreImagine event on Sunday night has kicked off the busy conference with a bang. It’s always a casual setting, and this year Magento is stepping things up with a tattoo artist and a showcase of all the motorcycles from The Road to Imagine.

So come grab a drink by the pool and share in the anticipation!

RSVP here: http://pre-imagine.com/


User conferences such as Imagine allow brands and retailers to learn more about the product and upcoming releases. It’s also a chance for recognition for a year of hard work from the entire ecosystem. Last year, Blue Acorn received the top partner honor, North American Partner of the Year.

This year, we hope it’s one of our clients taking the stage. We have two up for nominations:

Session: A/B Testing Strategies that Work

I’m going to let you in on a little Blue Acorn secret. We love testing. Ok, well if you’ve ever spoken to us before you probably already know that. But it’s not just something we say during the sales process or a service we pitch. Our employees love hearing about the tests our optimization team executes for our clients so much that we created our own internal competition, the Fantasy Testing League. Yep, we love it that much.

As we hypothesize new test ideas for clients such as Signature Hardware or Ticketmaster, we share the variations with everyone and can individually vote on which version we think will win. It gets pretty competitive since the winner gets a free day of vacation day!
Come hear about 15 of those tests at from our Founder & CEO, Kevin Eichelberger. He’s leading a session ‘Test, Execute & Analyze: The A/B Testing Strategies that Work,’ on Wednesday at 11 a.m. in Mouton 2.

Crazy Jamie!

When I think about the past two Imagine conferences I attended, one thing stands out besides all the sessions and events. It’s that crazy emcee, Jamie! Backflips on stage. Terrifyingly awesome stories of survival on Mt. Everest. You never know what he’s going to do next!

I’m looking forward to Jamie continuing his tradition of making even the filler moments exciting. I can only imagine how he’ll introduce keynote speaker Magic Johnson. I hope it involves Harlem Globetrotters-style trampolines. If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending before and are feeling curious about what makes Jamie so special, you can read more about his Everest adventures here.

Magento 2 Updates

Now that Magento2 has officially arrived, I look forward to hearing some success stories of early adopters as well as learning about the roadmap. I’ve heard several enticing rumors about 2.1 that I hope Magento announces. (B2B features anyone?)

If you’re one of the many attending brands and retailers hoping to gain an understanding of the ideal time to upgrade, swing by Booth #411 or shoot me an email so we can chat. We’ve helped over forty clients make that same decision and we hear different answers for each one. You are not alone!

See you in Vegas!

Emily Wilhoit

Head of Business Development

As a Senior Business Development Manager, Emily develops opportunities with brands and retailers that are looking to improve their eCommerce platform. She is also responsible for managing key partnerships with our two largest eCommerce platforms. In addition to her other work, Emily helps lead the Community Involvement Committee at Blue Acorn.

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