Aug 20 2012

Blue Acorn Launches Vendor Spotlight Series

At Blue Acorn, we have always thought of our blogs as a place to document our discoveries and share our eCommerce knowledge with the world. We’ve developed great relationships along the way with readers whose questions have inspired us to always look for more answers. In an industry full of competing solutions (services, application, software, etc.), one of the questions we receive most often is, “Which one is the best for _________?” While the answer to such questions will often be subjective and dependent upon a number of variables, we’ve decided to take the time to put the spotlight on vendors who we feel are turning out superior eCommerce solutions.

Our Vendor Spotlight Series will consist of editorial coverage and/or Q&A sessions with a variety of vendors within the eCommerce industry. It’s our way of rewarding them for making great products and rewarding our readers for, well, being our readers! While we’d love for all of you to spend hours perusing our blogs – getting caught up in our other articles – in search of the latest Vendor Spotlight, we’ve decided to make it a little easier on you by posting links to all of them below. So bookmark this page. Visit it often. If you’d prefer to search for them the old-fashioned way, that works for us too.

Our first Vendor Spotlight will shine the light on Listrak, an email marketing company whose solutions are increasing the value of email and helping clients drive ROI. Enjoy!

Blue Acorn

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