Sep 24 2015
New Relic Reporting Extension

New Relic Reporting Extension: Q & A

It’s no secret that we believe reviewing and analyzing data leads to better business decisions. When Magento asked us to build an extension that would take valuable information from Magento and place it in New Relic’s dashboard, we couldn’t have been more excited.

Ultimately, the extension we created makes finding insight into technical and business data easier. It also offers more robust reporting to help business owners make data-driven decisions and a cost-effective method of identifying performance issues and monitoring revenue transactions in real time. To find out more about how the New Relic reporting extension provides business value to Magento users, I sat down with our chief operating officer, Toby Hemmerling, to get the scoop.

Toby Hemmerling, COO

What types of data does this module allow you to collect?

Technical and business. While New Relic already reports on technical performance, without the module, it only looks at the application and says, “Here’s how the database, PHP, and memory are performing.” The reporting extension lets you analyze the data further; that way you can identify what’s causing the problem much faster. If you had the time and knowledge, you could pinpoint the problem, but by making your problem more obvious, the module saves time.

The module also offers business performance insights, such as historical order value data, catalog size, and coupon usage, to help identify problems. For example, you can see the number of third-party extensions that you have enabled over time. Having that information in New Relic allows you to see if a new extension you just added is correlated with a dip in performance. If it is, you can choose to remove or replace the extension with something that is more performance friendly.

Do you have an example of how this extension makes identifying performance improvements easier?

We know that admin activity is resource intensive. If you were only looking at the New Relic tool, you would know that performance issues you are seeing are caused by stuff going on with the catalog. However, the module would identify and tell you that you have 15 admin users logged in concurrently. In that case, all you have to do is call your admins and tell them to take a break and work on the catalog during off hours. That way, the problem is solved quickly and efficiently without involving a programmer.

In simple terms, the module adds a blinking red light to what you should be looking at to resolve issues, allowing you to reach a resolution faster.

How will more robust performance reporting lead to better data-driven decisions?

Solving problems faster and less expensively – that the module does easily. Making better decisions is really up to you as a business owner. Of course, if you have all of the best information in one place, as it’s happening, it’s hard not to make good decisions.

What type of online merchants will get the most use out of this module?

This module will benefit big and small Magento merchants alike. For our clients, who have incredibly high traffic, the numbers get very big very quickly. If site performance degrades, any tool that can expedite a solution is a huge benefit. For a user with a smaller business, the opportunity cost isn’t nearly as great. However, they’re going to be more cost conscious as a company. Instead of going to a development team and having them work on the problem for hours, business owners can bypass that step and solve it themselves, in some cases.

Where can I get this module?

You can get the module Blue Acorn built for free by going to Connect. Also, I hear New Relic is offering Magento merchants a free 60-day trial of New Relic APM Pro and a free 30-day trial of New Relic Insights, Mobile, Synthetics, and Browser.

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Jason Chrin
Nov 18 2015

Huge fan of New Relic and glad that there’s setup that’s ready to drop right into Magento. Glad to have another tool to add to my performance tuning toolbox.


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