Mar 30 2017
Magento Imagine Spirit of Excellence Award

#TBT: A look back at our favorite Imagine Moments

Magento’s Imagine Conference is often called ‘legendary’ for many reasons. Whether it’s the unique ‘charm’ of Las Vegas, the anticipation of new product launches or the late night parties, the Blue Acorn team looks forward to Imagine every year.

In honor of Throwback Thursday, we’ve asked some seasoned vets to reminisce on their favorites moments of Imagines past. We hope these get all of you excited for next week. See you at The Wynn!

To kick things off, here are some of the moments I found to be most memorable.

Imagines attended: 3

Favorite memory: It’s hard to choose just one! I think the most memorable parts tends to be the keynote speakers/celebs.

Last year (2016) when Magic Johnson was working the crowd he even kissed a baby! Yes…a baby! At Imagine! Never a dull moment. He also went up to our client from Everlast and chatted with for a while. That was pretty cool to be within arms distance from Magic! He’s huge!!

I was also up close and personal (row 3!) when Steve Wynn spoke in 2015. Imagine had just moved to The Wynn for the first time so it was pretty cool to hear from Mr. Wynn himself. He’s been in Vegas a VERY long time and was the youngest casino owner when he got started.

Magic Johnson

Ben Marks, Magento Evangelist

Favorite moment: “Easy. 2014, Roy Rubin telling the world that I had joined Magento!”

Kevin Eichelberger, Blue Acorn Founder and CEO

Imagines attended: 6

Favorite memory: “I’ve been to every Imagine since they started. I remember the very first Imagine in LA. The afterparty was actually at Magento’s headquarters- food trucks in the parking lot and all! Let’s just say The Wynn is a little fancier….”

Chris Guerra, Blue Acorn CMO

Imagines attended: 4

Favorite memory: “Winning partner of the Year in 2015 was definitely my favorite Imagine moment! It’s pretty awesome to be in a  room full of peers (and competitors) and be recognized for the awesome work we’ve done! And we got bragging rights for an entire year! There was also that time in 2013 when many people ended up in the pool…but I’ll keep my lips sealed on that one!”

Partner of the Year Award (1)

Josh Brinson, Blue Acorn Solutions Engineer

Imagines attended: 1

Favorite memory: “My favorite moments at Imagine are during the keynotes. Not only do we get to hear about the future of the platform and the newest and coolest features, but we get to hear it in an awesome setting with over-the-top performances and speakers. It always makes for a very memorable and entertaining experience.”

Jon Pruitt, Oracle + Bronto Channel Development Manager

Imagines attended: 2

Favorite memory: “I would say that my favorite memory was when Bronto was awarded the 2015 Spirit of Excellence Technology Partner award!”

Doug Goldberg, VP of Sales

Imagines attended: 6

Favorite memory: “I have a lot of great memories. My proudest would be sitting in the front row last year as Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition was unveiled after all the hard work we put in, especially after keeping it a secret for so long! My favorite would be the dart gun fight my colleagues and I from my prior job started in the exhibit hall in 2014.”

Emily Wilhoit

Head of Business Development

As a Senior Business Development Manager, Emily develops opportunities with brands and retailers that are looking to improve their eCommerce platform. She is also responsible for managing key partnerships with our two largest eCommerce platforms. In addition to her other work, Emily helps lead the Community Involvement Committee at Blue Acorn.

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