Oct 22 2012

Blue Acorn Raises Money for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

blue acorn pink day

In 1985, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was established to promote mammography and educate women and men about the genetic and environmental factors that can cause breast cancer. In the 27 years since, it has grown into a powerful movement that has saved thousands upon thousands of lives. However, breast cancer still remains the most common form of cancer in women. Many people, including a few at Blue Acorn, have had their lives affected by it in some way or another. That’s why we took a moment to play a part in this movement and help raise awareness.

Last week, Blue Acorn organized a Pink Day. It’s a simple concept, but a powerful one. For every Blue Acorn employee wearing pink, Blue Acorn donated $25 to MUSC’s Hollings Cancer Center for the Breast Cancer Research Fund. We called the event TA-TA-TUesday.

On the big day, over a dozen employees showed up wearing pink. Those that had forgotten ran home to change clothes. Some of our more manly employees, who didn’t own pink, chose to tie pink balloons onto (and under) their shirts.

Today, there are over 154 million people in the United States civilian workforce. If just a quarter of employers in the United States donated just $5 per employee, that would raise almost $200 million for Breast Cancer research. Think of what a difference that would make.

the USS Yorktown and the US Customs House turn pink in October

Two Charleston landmarks, the USS Yorktown and the US Customs House, turn pink in October

There is a lot of information out there that could help prevent breast cancer. For example, did you know that the vast majority of women who get breast cancer have no family history of the disease? That information might lead someone to receive a mammogram that could save their life.

Pink Days are a simple way to raise awareness about prevention and life-saving facts, as well as rally funds to research better ways to fight cancer. All it takes is a few willing employees and some pink attire. If the National Football League can wear pink for an entire month, surely your company could do it for a day.

NFL and the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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