Apr 23 2019

How Beauty Brands Use Content to Combat Price Concerns

Traditionally, the only indicator for the level of quality of a health or cosmetic item was price. If something has a higher price tag, it must have better results. Social media completely upended this philosophy in the beauty industry, giving more power and information to consumers than ever before. With the abundance of user-generated content,… Read more »

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Apr 22 2019

10 Beauty Brands Using Minimalist Design to Elevate Products

Overcomplicated website layouts and designs can quickly take a turn towards cluttered and confusing customer journeys. In fact, 40% of shoppers will stop engaging if they find the online store unattractive or outdated, according to Adobe. There’s something to be said for an ecommerce site that offers a minimal, sleek design. As Leonardo da Vinci… Read more »

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Apr 10 2019

Road to Imagine 2019: Expectations, Tips, Predictions

Magento’s ecosystem is unlike any other in ecommerce, with its 800+ technology partners, 350 systems integrators, a community of over 315k developers, and over 4,400 extensions in the marketplace. Imagine, Magento’s annual conference, is the one time a year that brings together the entire network and industry leaders to inspire, educate, and collaborate. Months before… Read more »

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Apr 04 2019

Press Release: Blue Acorn Commerce & iCiDIGITAL CX Analytics merge to create Blue Acorn iCi

Blue Acorn Commerce & iCiDIGITAL CX Analytics merge to create Blue Acorn iCi Immediately acquires BrandShop to pioneer first-of-its-kind Digital Customer Experience company for Fortune 1000 brands NEW YORK — APRIL 4, 2019 — Blue Acorn, a digital commerce UX design and strategy agency, announced today it has merged with data-driven marketing solutions provider, iCiDIGITAL…. Read more »

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Apr 01 2019

Beauty Shoppers Spend 80% of Their Time in This Crucial Phase of the Buying Process

Which verticals do you think consumers spend the most time researching products? Fashion? Beauty? Technology? Your first guess might be fashion or technology. Fashion consumers need to determine if something is the right fit and size, technology consumers dive deep into the quality of products and how the features align with their needs. But this… Read more »

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Mar 21 2019

6 Beauty Brands That Use Questionnaires to Create a Personalized Experience

We’re way past simply putting products in front of consumers and crossing our fingers that they will choose our product over a competitor. It’s all about providing personalized, relevant shopping experiences that drive conversions and improve loyalty. In fact, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences, according… Read more »

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Mar 19 2019

Ecommerce Personalization Tips from Overstock, Cosabella, and Trade Coffee: ShopTalk ’19

In the past, a brand’s ecommerce strategies required a tradeoff between mass reach and a focus on customer segmentation. Luckily, advances in content management and digital marketing technologies have eliminated the need for a tradeoff between precision and reach. Personalizing the user experience across the entire customer journey demands the mastering of data collection to… Read more »

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Mar 18 2019

Fresh Perspectives on Today’s Consumer from Leading Research Firms: Shoptalk ’19

Today’s consumer: they want it and they want it now. But what is “it?” And how do they want it? Ken Cassar, Principal Analyst and VP at Rakuten Intelligence, Piers Fawkes, Founder of PSFK, and Mark Berry, EVP, US at Ipsos Marketing share their latest consumer insights, from delivery and store experience to touchpoint strategies…. Read more »

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Mar 06 2019

Driving Engagement and Transactions on Online Marketplaces: ShopTalk ‘19 Recap

You know what they say, there’s a time and place for everything. After attending the Selling on Marketplaces session at ShopTalk, it became clear that brands are finding a strategic time and place for the Amazon’s and eBay’s of the world. Brands are turning to online marketplaces to reach new audiences, test products, and gather… Read more »

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