Feb 12 2019

3 Limitations to Traditional Ecommerce Platforms (and Why Headless Commerce is the Answer)

When brands first started selling their products online, it made perfect sense to purchase an all-inclusive ecommerce platform. When you only had one or two customer touchpoints, a full-stack solution made it easy to streamline the sales process. As ecommerce continued to unfold and evolve, as any new technology does, it quickly became apparent that… Read more »

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Feb 11 2019

Vendor Spotlight: Clutch

Clutch is a customer data and marketing platform created to help businesses identify customers, analyze data, and recommend actions that benefit their brand. Since their start in 2012, Clutch has grown to a global business with over 800 customers across 19 countries. They manage over 100 million unique customer profiles and process millions of unique… Read more »

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Dec 10 2018

Vendor Spotlight: Yotpo

Yotpo is a commerce marketing cloud that enables retailers and brands to display customer content, such as user reviews and photos, on their site and across the buyer journey using an AI-powered solution and build custom, on-brand loyalty and referral programs. In 2011, Tomer Tagrin and Omri Cohen founded the company after Tagrin experienced a… Read more »

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