May 10 2017

Announcing the New

Earlier this week, we launched our new website. We’ve added a number of new design elements and updated our logo, but the rebranding goes deeper than that.

In addition to styling, you may notice another big change, and that’s how we’ve chosen to group our services into two approaches. The way we see it, a professional services agency like ours provides value through transformation; a service either fundamentally overhauls your entire ecommerce solution at once or incrementally reshapes it over time. We see tremendous value in both approaches. Clients like Rebecca Minkoff, Le Creuset, Everlast, and Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams have all engaged us for both. The new site focuses on explaining the benefits of each, as well as the associated services.

This rebranding better reflects the values we care about most, our approach to ecommerce, and a philosophy we hope resonates with you. I won’t say too much more. Instead, I’ll let the site do the talking.

Lastly, big thanks to the many people who worked hard on this initiative: Elliot Volkman, Laura Henderson, Bethany Kelley, Sarah Schaill, Ben Worley, Steve Kiss, Matt Rickerby, Jamie Smith, Chris Guerra, Amanda Kass, Michael Bottens, Ben Worley, Billy Carson, Shane Estes, Bill Lorimer, Brittany Morrow, Rich Tavetian, Greg Harvell, and Becky Hall.

Kevin Eichelberger

Founder & CEO

Founded in 2008, Blue Acorn is the product of Kevin’s great passion and knowledge of all things eCommerce. Kevin’s data-driven approach has culminated in a strong, growing business that’s success is closely tied to the success of its clients. When he’s not immersing himself in eCommerce, Kevin works toward expanding Charleston’s tech community by serving as a board member for the Charleston Digital Corridor Foundation, and is also a mentor and advisor to several startups. A business-savvy technologist, you can find Kevin evangelizing about data, optimization and eCommerce.

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