Feb 21 2019

Podcast Recap: Reaching Retail Customers with Product Registration

Product registration isn’t exactly the sexiest ecommerce topic, but it’s how brands capture millions of customers who purchased their products through retail channels. Once only used for recall notifications, product registration has now evolved into quasi-loyalty programs for retail customers. Casey and I had the chance to speak with Dan Forno, Director of Client Success at Blue Acorn, about how to encourage customers to register products, how to efficiently collect and store the customer data, and what to do with the data once you have it. If you like the podcast, let us know and leave a review!

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Not into podcasts? Here’s a recap:

How do you encourage customers to register their products?

  • Give them a value-added reason: This could be offering special events for registered customers only, access to new products before going to retail, discounts—VIP type offerings. It’s essentially a loyalty program for registered customers. “Product registration takes the current base of customers plus all those customers that are retail customers and turns them into loyal customers,” says Dan.

How does a brand integrate product registration with their ecommerce platform?

  • Via third-party or your own database: “If you’re a large scale organization where you have a ton of customers, you need to be able to store those records and easily move them to a marketing platform,” says Dan. The connections between the platform that accepts the registration, marketing platform, and fulfillment center that handles the free gift need to be solid.

How is a product registration program cheaper than acquiring a new customer?

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