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Too Faced Cosmetics

Founded in the late 90s, Too Faced has grown into a leader within the beauty industry, creating innovative cruelty-free cosmetics that women love to wear. The company uses the finest, cutting-edge ingredients to create innovative cruelty-free color cosmetics and uses content to show customers how to create different looks and inspire the confidence to experiment.

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The brand was enjoying significant growth but wanted to actively boost their online revenue. The ecommerce team was no stranger to A/B testing, but their tests primarily focused on smaller tests. While looking for ways to amp up their testing program, they came across Blue Acorn. The popular brand wanted to make sure, through testing, that its site would continue to function well and best represent the brand aesthetic going forward. They also wanted to improve conversion rates (especially on mobile), improve overall engagement on the site, and learn as much as possible in order to inform their plans to replatform.


Blue Acorn worked with the eCommerce and digital teams at Too Faced Cosmetics to ramp up velocity. After carrying out existing tests in the brand’s backlog, Blue Acorn’s team audited the data from previous test results and conducted UX and analytics reviews to help inform testing ideas. Focusing on improving the user experience, Blue Acorn identified the most opportune areas for testing and presented the Too Faced Cosmetics team with a roadmap of themes and ideas to round out the plan for the year. They prioritized testing around mobile experience, product page design, and the free sample selection available at checkout.


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