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TTI Floor Care

TTI is the largest floor care business in North America, owning three of the biggest names in floor care, Hoover, Dirt Devil, and Oreck. These iconic brands have a rich history and deep roots in the American Floor Care industry. TTI brands and products are recognized worldwide for their deep heritage, superior quality, outstanding performance and compelling innovation.

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TTI Floor Care, the parent company of Hoover, Oreck, and Dirt Devil, is the revenue leader in the U.S. floor-care market, with a 32% volume market share of an almost $5 billion industry. However, the last decade and a half has included fierce competition from market disruptors. In late 2015, the company transitioned from Ohio to North Carolina, which contributed in part to a marketing team with 90% new hires. The change provided them with an opportunity to rebuild their brands and create a great online presence that felt modern to the consumer and reflected the brand values. Once they decided on their ecommerce platform, they went looking for an agency to design and develop a multi-site solution on a single Salesforce Commerce Cloud instance. “Hoover isn’t just a big brand; it’s a verb. On the other hand, the brand’s direct-to-consumer ecommerce site was a question mark,” explains Jim Deitzel, Director, Digital Marketing at TTI Floor Care. “Like our Dirt Devil site, Hoover was homegrown and hosted internally. No one knew how either were set up. There was no CMS or reporting functionality. Not to mention, we didn’t have any backups so there was no redundancy if the power went out. You can’t run a major website brand from a closet. We knew we had to redesign and replatform our website."


By working with native features and functionality instead of against them, not only has the company saved tens of thousands on theming, but hundreds of thousands on the custom development that would be required to develop the custom functionality. Still, the different sites have important customizations including a vacuum selector tool and parts finder. The three sites shared third-party integrations and functionality on a case by case basis. For example, all three sites feature a similar checkout, but only Dirt Devil features a live social feed from Instagram. By building a reusable theme structure, Blue Acorn launched multiple brands in a single year and plans to launch another next year. With the straightforward approach, the TTI Floor Care team has never felt that they compromised on design. The optimization team designed a custom user experience per domain, although an even more affordable solution, custom theming, is available to Blue Acorn multi-site clients. Perhaps most importantly, the multi-site solution features a single ERP integration with Oracle. Since launching these three sites, Blue Acorn has completed two more Commerce Cloud integrations with Oracle for clients, Living Proof and Topps.


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