industry - toys & fashion
Vermont Teddy Bear

The Vermont Teddy Bear company is the largest handcrafter of teddy bears in North America. They lovingly design, stuff and stitch every one of their customizable bears in Vermont. The company, which specializes in gifting, also owns and operates and Many items are sold across the sites, making it a convenient destination for major holiday shopping and for all the celebrations in between.

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When the portfolio of sites began experiencing severe performance issues and usability problems, The Vermont Teddy Bear Company seized the opportunity to reimagine its ecommerce experience, beginning with Blue Acorn and Magento Enterprise Edition. The company employs a common team that manages all of the sites (each with its own, unique code base), a task that was increasing in technical difficulty as the sites became more outdated.


Magento’s multi-store functionality provided an ideal solution for Vermont Teddy Bear: a common code base that empowers non-technical employees to easily manage the storefronts. To provide a cost-effective solution, Blue Acorn built out a common foundational theme that contains around 60 percent of the code, then customized the final 40 percent for each brand.


There’s no reason to hire us to reinvent the wheel. Our partners make it possible for you to access features and functionality that would otherwise cost you more than a private jet.

  • Magento Enterprise as their ecommerce platform
  • Rackspace for hosting
  • SLI Systems for site search
  • Avalara for tax automation