Oct 22 2007

SEO Success Story : OmniVue.net

OmniVue Business Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in providing implementation and consulting services, support, and hosting for the Microsoft Dynamics line of products. They are considered the “Go-to” organization for Hosting Microsoft Dynamics Applications due to their reputation in the industry and their proven success at pioneering offering these products in a hosted environment.

Omnivue Homepage

Not too long ago, OmniVue invested in a website that brought together powerful imagery built around their marketing messages. While the website looked good visually, it brought virtually no value to the organization because it simply did not generate any return on the investment they made. For a company like OmniVue, their website is a marketing tool – with the main purpose of attracting new clients. However, the website generated virtually no leads nor could they attribute any sales originating from the website.

We see a lot of companies in the same situation, either they’ve had the same website for years, or have a nice-looking design built by a web developer with little knowledge of building a website around the needs of the client and looking at the numerous factors involved in making a website like this successful. OmniVue engaged with Blue Acorn to improve the performance of their website.

The ultimate goal? Turn their website into a lead generation machine.

What did it take to accomplish these goals?

Site redesign: OmniVue Business Solutions wanted to continue along the same theme and look and feel of the existing site. So, we kept the design changes to a minimum, but did redevelop the site around a CSS based design for increased usability, optimized page load times, content management, and organized for more SEO related content.

SEO: The biggest problem with their website is that they had virtually no website visitors. The previous site design left little room for content, had arbitrary page titles, and numerous issues that prevented it from performing well in search engines. Our first step in improving their website presence was to perform a robust keyword analysis to define exactly which keywords we wanted to focus our SEO efforts on. We were then able to leverage our new design to integrate valuable content into each of the pages. This involved redeveloping the content for the entire website as well as training OmniVue’s Marketing Director on fundamentals of writing for the search engines. Along with a variety of other SEO tactics revolving around the original keyword research, we were able to take OmniVue’s website from nonexistent in the Search Engines, to top placement for many of the targeted keyphrases within weeks.

Conversion: Now that we were able to generate traffic to the website, we wanted to direct the appropriate traffic to the “Contact Us” Page. By driving people to this page and designing this page around making it quick and easy for the user to maximize the number of leads generated from this form, we were able to increase the amount of leads generated on their website by over 400%.

Performance: What happens all too often with many organizations is that this is where their efforts stop. However, one of the most important aspects in closing leads and starting your sales process revolves around how quickly you respond to these web generated leads. We’ve made sure there’s a business process in place that all Web generated Leads are responded to, in person, within one business day, if not within minutes or hours. Because OmniVue Business Solutions utilizes Microsoft Dynamics CRM for their sales team, we were able to integrate that web form directly into their Microsoft Dynamics CRM to automatically create Leads in their customer relationship management software. This allowed instant visibility into those Leads, as well as historical tracking of all the events associated with that lead – eventually ending up in the sales process and pipeline. As these Leads progress through the sales process and actually close as won or lost, we are able to look back historically and track the success rate of these website Leads, and even determine exactly what website referral (Google organic, Google PPC, Live, Yahoo!, etc) actually brought in the most revenue. We then leverage this intelligence to modify and tweak the online marketing strategy around the most successful Lead acquisition methods.

Analytics: To complete the 360 degree picture of this lead generation machine, we also implemented analytics software to help gauge search engine performance, PPC campaign performance, and goal conversion metrics so that we are able to track our results over time, and modify our strategies accordingly.

The efforts involved in transforming OmniVue’s website took it from a poorly performing marketing tool to a profitable Lead generation machine that brings in numerous (targeted) Leads weekly, and has already paid for itself in only a few weeks in ROI from the deals closed from Leads generated on the web. There’s still room for growth and improvement on the website that we continue to work with OmniVue on truly maximizing the value through more advanced features. A true success story and a great example of how a website should truly be leveraged in a B2B Services industry.

Kevin Eichelberger

Founder & CEO

Founded in 2008, Blue Acorn is the product of Kevin’s great passion and knowledge of all things eCommerce. Kevin’s data-driven approach has culminated in a strong, growing business that’s success is closely tied to the success of its clients. When he’s not immersing himself in eCommerce, Kevin works toward expanding Charleston’s tech community by serving as a board member for the Charleston Digital Corridor Foundation, and is also a mentor and advisor to several startups. A business-savvy technologist, you can find Kevin evangelizing about data, optimization and eCommerce.

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Tucson Web Design
Feb 17 2008

This is a great example of what a little seo and allot of hard work can do for your website.


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